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Our BOTG™ Range

In a world of misleading marketing, consumers are often confused as to what’s “healthy” and what's not! Let us put your mind at ease...

The simple rules for our healthy BOTG™ products are: 


 All natural ingredients 

 Low2No glyceamic carbs

 No refined sugars added 

 Zero artificial preservatives, additives nor colourants

Free of wheat 

 Free of refined salt 


100% Banting

The BOTG™ range is the ultimate convenient, clean-food for disease and weight loss management.

These products are perfect for diabetics, gluten-intolerant people, weight-loss chasers, followers of KETO and Banting lifestyles and general health-conscious people seeking overall health gain!

This range fits into almost every dietary category that exists and tastes extremely similar to the commercial unhealthy equivalents, making it feel like you are actually not sacrificing anything! 

Widely accepted as the premier LCHF (Banting) brand in South Africa, the irrevocable health benefits of the BOTG™ range have naturally migrated and become core components of the KETO, Paleo, vegan (some products), vegetarian and diabetic dietary profiles. 

Whether you seek to lose weight, counteract disease or are simply switching to a healthier lifestyle underpinned by real, clean food, BOTG™ ticks ALL the boxes to ensure it's achievable and can be realized!


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