All our products are always Low2No Carb, Sugar-FREE, Wheat-FREE, GMO-FREE and DIABETIC FRIENDLY

Welcome to MediFood®

Where healthy really means HEALTHY!

Our unique, delicious products can be delivered to your door, anywhere in South Africa. 

Which products will suit your lifestyle? 

MediFood® Range

BOTG™ Range

The BOTG™ range is the ultimate weight-loss range. 

In a world of misleading marketing, consumers are

often confused as to what’s “healthy” and

what's not.  Well the proof is in the...  

MediFood® is a low carb range with broad consumer appeal.

Always suitable for diabetics and vegetarians,

and often also Vegan friendly. Taste profiles are 

critical and we have nailed that 100%! 

You’ll love this range...

We are dedicated to making your life easier.

Prefer to skip the online shopping? No problem, you could always find us here instead.

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