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Low GI - Keto friendly - Diabetic safe - Low Carb - Sugar Free

100% Banting friendly - Sugar Free - LCHF - Wheat Free

Gluten Free - Diabetic safe - Keto friendly

The BOTG™ range is the ultimate weight-loss range. 

In a world of misleading marketing, consumers are

often confused as to what’s “healthy” and

what's not.  Well the proof is in 

the banting pudding.

MediFood® is a low carb range with broad consumer appeal.

Always suitable for diabetics and vegetarians,

and often also Vegan friendly. Taste profiles are 

critical and we have nailed that 100%! 

You’ll love this range...

All the good taste                               

                                        without the bad carbs

Not your average low carb sauce

Hot Sriracha Mayo

"This is the yummiest low carb sauce that I've tried. It packs a spicy punch that is incredibly delicious. Doesn't have that oily like texture on your palate that some of the other low carb sauces have."

- Charlene Shunmugum

Vegan Friendly

Carb Free

Sugar Free

100% Banting

7.5/10 heat level

Stir fry's side kick.

Noodles Pumpkin

"The pumpkin noodles give my stir fries a flavour thats been missing. Guilt free and gluten free i can enjoy my noodles and feel healthy at the same time."

- Prunella Paul Schutte

Gluten Free

Diabetic Friendly

0.5g carbs per 100g

Keto & Banting

90% Pumpkin

Great Results

Collagen Supplement

"You notice a difference in 3 months. I first noticed on my face and my nails. I also gave it to my partner after an operation for a quicker recovery. Results are great"

- Carla Griesel

Clean Collagen peptides

Firms and smoothens skin

Rejuvenates damaged cells

Relieves joint pains

Strengthens bones & ligaments

Focus on the moments that matter to you most

while we ensure your food gets to you safely

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